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The Annapolis Naval Sailing Association was formed in 1968 as a chapter of the United States Naval Sailing Association.  ANSA is a volunteer non profit sailing association dedicated to safe and affordable recreational sailing for our members on the Chesapeake Bay and to promoting the sailing heritage of the Bay. Our membership is open to anyone with an interest in learning to sail, instructing, or just cruising on the Bay with us for fun. We base club operations out of marinas local to Annapolis, Maryland. 

We offer American Sailing Association (ASA) certifications for 101, 103, 104, 105, 114, and 118 to help learn to cruise on the Chesapeake Bay.  We also offer private  classes, overnight classes, on the water navigation, and opportunities to join local races and club sails. 

Visit the ANSA Foundation dedicated to promoting sailing and education on the Chesapeake Bay!

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Thanks to our Instructors and Students who helped make 2021 a great come-back year. 

We now have our Basic Training Schedule posted for 2022, including ASA 101, 103, 104, and 114.

We also offer ASA 111 (Sailing Refresh) and ASA 118 (Docking) based on interest.

In addition to our scheduled On-the-Water classes, we offer private training and flexible scheduling.  While most of our scheduled classes are on weekends, our Instructors are also available during the week in some cases.  Contact us at training@ansa.org to discuss what works for you and your family and friends.


The year 2021 has been a very active one for ANSA. We tried our best to meet the backlog of sailors wanting to get their ASA certifications and learn to sail on the Bay.  After no classes in 2020, we offered 30 on-the-water classes plus our winter Coastal Navigation, ASA 105 class.  Continuing to grow our training program, we welcomed 6 new instructors and provided over 110 ASA certifications for 101, 103, 104, 105, 114, and 118. In between classes we offered 25 club sails on the Chesapeake Bay to help our students practice and gain skills. 

In 2019, we received a donation of a 1986 Hunter 31 which has proven to be a fun, reliable sailor. We teach ASA 101 and 103 on Bay Flyer as well as take her out for club sails.  In addition, we supported our sailing this year with a combination of members boats and charter boats for ASA 104 and 114.  We are very grateful to our members who have allowed us to use their boats for our activities.

The growth of our training program would not have been possible without the financial assistance of the ANSA Foundation. They are a 501(c)(3) organization and all donations made are tax deductible. They support other organizations as well such as STEM sails for high school students, environmental organizations focused on the Bay such as the Chesapeake Bay Foundation, as well as museums such as the US Navy Museum.

We encourage members to participate in our maintenance days. It is important to not only learn how to sail but to also learn about the different systems and how to maintain them as well as handle emergencies. By helping to maintain our fleet, it reduces our costs and increases understanding of boat systems. For members who are hoping to one day own their own boat, the knowledge gained can be worthwhile.

Here’s to a busy and exciting 2022 and I hope to see you on the Bay!!

Captain Amy Purves, Commodore

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