ASA 101 Sailing Made Easy

ANSA teaches ASA 101 over 3 days, either on a long weekend or across two weekends. Each class is taught mostly on the water (OTW) and offers 3 days of sailing.  The class will be taught on an O’day 30, Hunter 31, or similar boat (30′ to 34′ length), with a wheel helm.

As a 101 student, you are trained to crew an inboard auxiliary powered sailing vessel on local waters (Magothy River, West River, Chesapeake Bay) during daylight hours within sight of land in moderate wind and sea conditions.  This class focuses on teaching while sailing versus classroom lectures.  To make this possible, the student is expected to study independently, read the textbook, watch online videos and practice knots, etc. between classes.


Physically capable of performing duties under conditions presented.

ANSA Membership – Membership in ANSA is required for all students. Join ANSA
ASA (American Sailing Association) Membership – This is included with ASA 101.  For all later classes, you must have an ASA membership, even if you are challenging 101.


ASA Logbook – Included
Sailing Made Easy by ASA (ISBN-10: 098210250X) – Required text, student purchase individually or ANSA provides a loaner book


ASA 101 on a 3 day weekend or across 2 weekends – $450

Price includes required ASA exam and certification.
ASA 101 includes ASA membership.

Your spot in the class is not guaranteed until payment is received.

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