The ANSA “Raft Up” Adventure

May 27, 2014
By Vilma Baez

The Annapolis Naval Sailing Club participated in this year’s Pentagon Sailing Club (PSC) “Raft Up”.   This year’s theme was  “Caliente” and, believe me, it was pretty “hot” – weather, water and members.  There were five members aboard Fantasea who took this challenge on behalf of the club –  CAPT Tom ,   ANSA’s Commodore,  David Chappell, Angela Weathers,  Vilma Baez ,Nathan Doehr and Kathryn Grant.  This trip served as a change to share, with our sister club, a yearly adventure that turned out a success.

We departed aboard Fantasea around 1030 and headed out of Mill Creek and then on a course to the south of Wye Island and then into Domingo Creek.  The sun was shining but there was no wind in our favor.  We motored down and arrived at Domingo Creek around 1630.  Fantasea was quickly given instructions on how to “raft up” next to the catamaran of PSC’s  Raft Captain, Dave Kunselmen,  and Commodore, Eddie Conde.  It took 10 minutes and many “All Hands” to make this happen.   Soon after our “raft up”, we helped one other PSC boat with the  “raft up” evolution.  In less than an hour, seven boats were rafted up and members began to move boat to boat seeking a friendly hug, a welcome drink or just a plain “hello”.

Around 1900, all crew members returned back to their boats to prepare dinner and await for the PSC contest to begin.  This contest included – best drink, best dessert, best custom and best boat décor, all evolved around the theme of “Caliente” .  Members of PSC began to taste all  – Mike Moreau’s boat had bloody maries that made you sweat, Roger Hammer’s had “mojitos” that made you cool and others, well, they had nothing.  Dessert was another story – once again, members of PSC tasted around 5 desserts to include Angela Weathers.  Her dessert, homemade blueberry cake, was exquisite.  It was so good that members of panel finished it within a matter of seconds. Rating took about one hour and by 2100, everyone returned back to their boat.

Two of the members (Vilma and Dave), on the other hand, went “boat hoping” as a way to meet and greet the members of  PSC.  The first boat to visit was  Eddie Conde, PSC’s Commodore.  They tasted home grown wine made by one of the PSC members.  Then they moved to the Linnette and Don Hupman’s boat and realized they were all dressed up the same.  They then moved to the Hammer’s boat and enjoyed the cool breeze coming from the aft.  They soon migrated to Rick Naughton’s boat and fell in love with the saloon area.   Finally, they visited Ray Widmayer’s boat and noticed his rugs, pictures and other amenities not found in other boats.   Fantasea was visited by many members of PSC who took an interest to her unique features.  It turned out to be a great night for Fantasea and the ANSA crew!

The next morning, everyone got up to make breakfast and one particular member decided to swim around the raft up.  She informed of the water being pleasant.    We departed the “raft up” around 1030, heading home.  We sailed upwind until 1800 on Sunday and made it safe and sound.  Everyone had good reviews of the trip and the people they met.  Stand ready to continue doing more “raft ups” with PSC!

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