The challenge procedure for ANSA’s advanced sailing courses have prerequisites of obtaining a rating at the previous level. The reasons are:

ANSA’s Policies and Procedures document provides members with the ability to bypass a given course by exercising either a resume review procedure or a challenge procedure. These procedures allow a member the possibility to obtain a given ANSA rating. This means that if a member believes he/she has the abilities of a given rating but does not currently hold that rating, then the member may follow either of the two procedures. A positive outcome grants the rating to the member.

Currently, some of the ratings or courses for which members may have their resumes reviewed or may challenge are Piloting and Navigation, Senior Crew, Watch Captain, and D-Cruising Skipper. The standards for these ratings are embodied in the document titled “Local and Offshore Qualification Standards for Large Sail-Training Craft” dated 05-04. A copy of the document is found in ANSA’s web site under Training Resources.

An example of the power of the resume review procedure or the challenge procedure follows: One of the prerequisites for the Watch Captain course and the D-Cruising Skipper course is being qualified as Senior Crew or Watch Captain, respectively. This means a prospective student must hold the Senior Crew rating before enrolling into the Watch Captain course; similarly the prospective student must hold the Watch Captain rating before enrolling into the D-Cruising Skipper course. If not currently holding the prerequisite rating, ANSA provides the prospective student with three options:

The two procedures are found in Section 8.4 of “Membership and Activities Policies and Procedures of the Annapolis Naval Sailing Association”, dated May 2005. Members interested in pursuing this should read the document as the wording of the requirements and procedures are very specific and too detailed to repeat here.

Members seeking qualification through resume review should submit the resume to the Qualifications Committee. For P&N, SC, and WC qualifications, the Quals Comm may award the qualification based on resume alone; however, the Quals Comm may require a check-ride. For D, members must pass a closed-book rules of the road exam (90% pass) and a practical navigation exercise which includes plotting; meet the First Aid and CPR requirements of students taking the equivalent ANSA course; have a successful skipper check-out; and successfully complete a check-ride. The Quals Comm will arrange contact between a member and the assigned proctor for requirements and check-ride.

For challenges, the procedures are similar.

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