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Hello ANSA!

If you were a member of ANSA in the late 90s, you might remember me.  I’ll give you some more clues:

  • I was not a member of any armed services, active or retired;
  • I had just moved to Annapolis ;
  • I live near Greenberry Point,
  • I once served as secretary of ANSA,
  • among the boats we sailed and maintained were the Navy 44 – Intrepid and my favorite the Hans Christian – Dolphin.

By the time you finish reading this you will know who I am.

A former member of ANSA contacted me in October to sail on Fantasea.  Of course I was delighted to accept.  We had a lovely day, not a whole lot of wind, but a lot of camaraderie. I suggested to skipper Jim Openshaw that I hope to be invited again.  Shortly thereafter I rejoined ANSA and learned about the two sails scheduled for the weekend of October 29-30.  I was also welcomed back to ANSA by Mr. Openshaw and decided to join him and other ANSA members on October 30. The sail also served as a check ride for a prospective new skipper by the name of Todd Evans who was completing his D-CS training.  Others joining the crew included Elaine Story, the owner of Fantasea, who flew from Texas to sail with us, and Tom Richardson, who remembered me.

What a wonderful day that turned out to be. Good weather, great sail, good friends, good food and a couple exciting adventures. Joanna Nicol made her traditional Scottish scones with an orange glaze and each member brought their lunch and something to share.  We had pretty decent wind and were able to sail all day. Amy Purves served as navigator and passed her remaining Piloting and Navigation requirement while her husband Lloyd completed his training certification checklist.  Rounding out the crew were Dick Gavlak who was very knowledgeable with all the procedures and expert sailor Dave Wilson who served along with Tom as a required observer from the Qualifications Committee.

All of a sudden someone shouted “man overboard” and all hands participated in the man overboard procedure with Todd at the helm directing the actions; he successfully passed that drill and we picked up Oscar, the flotation cushion!  Who would have known it was a training maneuver; not I anyway, and maybe not Todd.

Although the seas were relatively calm all day, suddenly there was a prediction of 30 to 35 knot winds which resulted in a decision to reef the main while under sail.  Todd and Amy successfully engineered this task. It turned out to be an exciting experience for all on board, if I could speak for the crew.  Ok you guessed: it was just another test for Todd as the winds remained at 8 to10 knots.

I think the crew would agree it was such a delightful day.

I am now a renewed member of ANSA and look forward to seeing you on land or on the water.


Jeannette Mc Guire

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