Moonlight Cruise, 27 August 2015

maxresdefaultby Cathy Spedden

On August 27th, Fantasea got to spread her sails and glide on the Bay in the moonlight. Captain Jim Openshaw and First Mate Pete Hill took 11 passengers and crew on a four hour moonlight cruise. Joanna Nicol, longtime ANSA member was happy to enjoy her first evening cruise of the season. Alice Saddler, Commodore of the Arundel Yacht Club, brought guests Greg and Colby Knoll, Benjamin Roosa and Jose Rivera, with his teenagers, Charlie and Katherine. Cathy Spedden brought guests Carrye Massey and Leon Bloom. Alice hoisted her Commodore’s flag for a little added color. Thanks to Jose (and to Leon, who assisted) for tackling a feisty leak in the plumbing so that we could have running water!

All hands of the cordial crew pitched in to man the boat–and to produce a feast. By the time we left Mill Creek, the table in the galley flowed over with quite the buffet. We expected only the slightest breeze, but the Bay welcomed us with winds approaching 10 knots. We dined, raised the sails and dined some more. We reached up the Bay, passing the Woodwind and a Baltimore bound freighter. We looked west to see Annapolis harbor full of sails and to admire a big red sun setting over the Naval Academy dome. As the moon took over from the sun we reached down the Bay, and Katherine passed her mom’s chocolate chip cookies. (We left not a crumb.)

When it was time to point our bow toward home, our course took us straight into the offshore flow. So we lowered our sails and motored back. When you’re trailing moonbeams in your wake and you have a summer night’s breeze on your face, you can almost forget the sound of the engine and imagine that you never took the sails down. Did I mention the food? Thanks Captain Jim and First Mate Pete for a delightful cruise.