April in Maryland

maint dayApril in Maryland: by Catherine Spedden

The Orioles step up to the plate, trees leaf out, winter woolens get packed away and a certain 44­-foot Caribbean Sailing Yacht sheds her winter tarps. Tom Richardson, Commodore David Chappell, Jan Rafael, Vilma Baez, Cathy Spedden and Dick Gavlak  took advantage of the sunny and calm weather on Sunday to unwrap Fantasea and rig her for the new season. Hauling 100 lbs of bulky sail topside and into place on deck helps a sailor to appreciate the 900 square ­foot expanse of S/V Fantasea’s polyester power house. We mounted the mainsail with only a mild breeze to baffle our efforts. In rigging the genoa we discovered a couple of spots in need of repair, including a tear in the leech line cover. We changed the fuel filter, fired up the engine and cast off to spin Fantasea around in the creek for her usual bow­-in position at the dock. Then it was down with the genoa, which we loaded into the back seat of Tom’s Toyota for a trip to the sail maker. Now Fantasea just needs the fixes to her genoa, a flushing of her seawater intake and a good bath and she will be ready for the ANSA season opener—next Sunday’s dinner cruise to the South River.