ANSA membership is open to all in 2017. Some ANSA members are very experienced, others are in training and improving their sailing skills and a number are inexperienced or have no sailing experience at all. ANSA’s members include sailing neophytes, social sailors, able-bodied crew, and sailing instructors. ANSA courses offer training for Senior Crew, Watch Captain, and Cruising Skipper on a 44-foot, 18 1/2 ton Caribbean Sailing Yacht, FANTASEA as well as 30′-36′ boats. Other courses offered include First Aid, Piloting and Navigation, a one-day Women-On-The-Water course and Celestial Navigation. ANSA’s training certifications are recognized by the United States Naval Sailing Association and thereby transferable worldwide. As a non-profit organization, the fees charged for these certifications cost far less than many other sailing instruction schools.

Many of ANSA’s members have simply joined for the fun and camaraderie of sailing on the Chesapeake Bay. There are weekend day sails, dinner sails to a variety of dockside restaurants, monthly pot-luck/business/training meetings, moonlight sails, starlight sails (many with a professional astronomer), and Wednesday (hump-day) sails. ANSA also has occasional weekend raft ups with other sailing clubs, and special events like July 4th fireworks sails and trips to the Baltimore Inner Harbor. ANSA has sailed FANTASEA in the annual Hospice Cup race last year. Open the Application Form below and be surprised by how inexpensive it is to become a member of ANSA. Also, check out ANSA’s Club Sailing Fees which are far less than any sailing organization in Annapolis.

We’d like to welcome you aboard in 2017.