The year 2017 was a very active one for the Executive Committee. We began offering American Sailing Association (ASA) sailing certificates as well as our Navy certificates. Our decision was based on the fact that ASA certificates are recognized worldwide for sailing charter companies (for those members that would like to explore sailing in places other than the Bay) and that our club is now open to civilians as well as DOD personnel.

We are also expanding our available fleet through the use of private boats owned by members.  Each owner can specify the conditions that they will allow ANSA to use their boat so that it is tailored to their wishes. It is our hope that we will be able to offer more social sails while training is in the process. Having only one boat available, Fantasea, has made scheduling training and social sails challenging throughout the sailing season. The hope is that those members who are not participating in the courses will be able to still enjoy sailing on the Bay more than they have in years past. We are also hoping to increase the number day sails and overnights to explore more areas of the Bay, and address sailing desires that members have expressed.

The effort to offer ASA courses would not have been possible without the financial assistance of the ANSA Foundation. They are a 501(c)(3) organization and all donations made to it are tax deductible. They support other organizations as well such as STEM sails for high school students, environmental organizations focused on the Bay such as the Chesapeake Bay Foundation, as well as museums such as the US Navy Museum. ANSA members can help donate money to the Foundation by specifying the Foundation on the Amazon SMILE! popup. When you order from Amazon, and the Amazon SMILE popup appears, specify the Annapolis Naval Sailing Association Foundation, and the money will go to the Foundation and support ANSA as well as the other organizations the Foundation supports.

I encourage members to participate in our maintenance days. It is important to not only learn how to sail but to also learn about the different systems and how to maintain them. By members helping to maintain Fantasea, it reduces our costs and increases understanding of boat systems. For members who are hoping to one day own their own boat, the knowledge gained can be worthwhile.

Here’s to a busy and exciting 2018 and I hope to see you on the Bay!!