Faces of Valor

FantaseaMemorial+Day+Observed+Arlington+National+Cemetery+fSTi75cuIZ5l has been down for maintenance since the last dinner cruise and

Tom Richardson has been trying to isolate the source of the problem ever since. A gentleman named Karl Allen came to help us fix and diagnose the problem.  While we talking about engine, we also told Karl about what ANSA does including taking boy scouts and science, and technology, engineer and math students out sailing. Karl agreed to work for free it we would return the favor by contributing to a cause that he believes in.

Also, Karl is an Air Force veteran and retired as a First Sergeant.  His unit evacuated severely wounded warriors from Iraq and Afghanistan for Landstuhl, Germany for
treatment.  Karl has
continued is dedication to would warriors by become active in Faces of Valor. Faces of Valor USA is a local Annapolis nonprofit organization raising money to provide scholarships and financial assistance to those injured, or to children of those killed in the performance of their duty while serving in  in the military, fire, police and EMS services. 

One 2016 honoree is Army Corporal Adam Keys.  Adam’s life was changed forever on July 14th, 2010 when his armored vehicle was hit with an improvised expl
osive while serving in Afghanistan. There were five men in the vehicle including Adam’s best friend, Specialist Jesse Reed. Adam was the only survivor. Adam had numerous broken bones, an eye injury, a severe brain injury, and lost both legs and one arm. In July, 2015, after 5 long years and over 130 surgeries, Adam was finally able to move into his new home in Annapolis.

You can help other heroes like Corporal Keys by donating money to Faces of Valor.  There are three ways you can donate:

  1. Online at https://maple.vtweb.com/facesofvalorusa/general_donation.php. Please put ANSA in the second field instead of “Company Name”.
  2. By mail by mailing a check or money order to: Faces of Valor USA 165 Main Street Annapolis, Maryland 21401
  3. By phone at 410-269-4314


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