ASA 105 – Coastal Navigation

coastal navigation asa 105QUALIFICATION SUMMARY:

If you want to learn the basics of coastal navigation that includes piloting and navigation or if you just want to brush up on your piloting and navigation skills, this course is for you. You will learn piloting and navigation skills in sixteen hours of classroom instruction and a review/test session.  Upon successful completion, you will earn your ASA 105 certification.

In addition, an optional daysail on the Chesapeake Bay is offered for applying your practical navigation skills. With the completion of this daysail, you will earn your ANSA Piloting and Navigation certification based on the Navy standards (USNSA).


The course will cover navigation aids such as buoys, day-marks, and lighthouses; how to read charts; other publications; magnetic and true north direction; checking for compass deviation; how to use a hand-bearing compass and get a position fix based on charted landmarks; how to find the boat’s position on the chart using both the bearings and Lat/Long; plotting courses, deduced reckoning (“dead reckoning”); use of depth sounder and charted depth contours; use of GPS and chart plotters; and impacts of weather, wind, and current on navigation.



The class will be based on ANSA materials as well as the recommended readings from the following resources.  It is recommended that students use at least one of the following references or sources to help prepare for the course.



Students will need to buy or borrow tools for the class. Recommended tools include:

These items are readily available from most marine supply stores, including West Marine, Fawcett’s, etc., or order online from Weems & Plath Navigation Tools or Amazon.



Session 1 was held January 27, February 10, exam February 24.

Session 2 was held March 17, 31, and exam April 7.


Schedule for 2018 to be determined, classes planned for January and February.

The schedule of classes will be posted on the ANSA calendar.


$165 which includes ASA certification

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