ASA 103 Basic Coastal Cruising

ASA 101/103

ANSA teaches ASA 103 Basic Coastal Cruising as a 3-day weekend format.   The class will be taught on an O’day 30, a Hunter 31, or similar boat (30′ to 34′ length) with a wheel helm.

As a 103 student, you are trained to crew an inboard auxiliary powered sailing vessel on local waters (Magothy River, West River, Chesapeake Bay) during daylight hours within sight of land in moderate wind and sea conditions.  This class focuses on teaching while sailing versus classroom lectures.  To make this possible, the student is expected to study independently, read the textbook, watch online videos and practice knots, etc. between classes.


Physically capable of performing duties under conditions presented.

ASA 101 certification, including a minimum of 24 hours on the water sailing.

ANSA Membership – For new members, a complimentary single membership is included.  Membership is required to take a class with ANSA.



Coastal Cruising Made Easy by ASA (ISBN-10: 0982102518) – Included


ASA 103 on a 3 day weekend – $400 

Price includes required ASA text, exam, and certification.
ASA membership is required.

Your spot in the class is not guaranteed until payment is received.


ASA 103 Class 1:  May 1 – 3     Cancelled

ASA 103 Class 2:  June 12 – 14   Wait-list Only

ASA 103 Class 3:  July 24 – 26     (4 spots avail)

ASA 103 Class 4:  Sept 25 – 27     (3 spots avail)

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LOCATION:  Ferry Point Marina, Arnold, MD or Hartge Yacht Harbor, Galesville, MD


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