September 20 2014, by Vilma Baez

raceANSA participated in the 33rd Annual Hospice Cup event on Saturday, 20 September 2014.   The intent of the Hospice Cup is to raise funds for hospice bereavement care and provide skilled compassionate care, comfort and dignity to the terminally ill, their families and friends by helping patients spend their last days in comfort at home or in home-like settings.   Commodore Dave Chappell, entered Fantasea in the non-spinnaker race and a crew of seven people participated during the event.

The crew met at the Navy Exchange early in the morning on Saturday.  Even though there were still two days of summer left, there was already a chill in the air.  Captain Tom Richardson took charge and appointed members of the crew to positions: Dave Wilson as the Tactician, Dave Chappell as the Navigator, as well as Anne Henderson, Anne’s friend, Mirna, Vilma Baez and John Laffman to handle the sails, lines, and look out.  The Race Committee designahospiceted the course for the non-spinnaker Hospice Class race as starting at Yellow AN, then northeast to GC1, east to R90, southwest to R2.hospice trek
Dave Wilson and Tom Richardson did a good job in getting Fantasea over the starting line exactly at the designated start time.  Although the winds were only 4-5 knots, the crew made good time first to GC1 and then R90.  (And summer returned with warmth and sunshine!)  However, as soon as Fantasea rounded R90”, and started on a heading of 223o she found herself heading into winds coming from 209 o causing the boat to be in “irons”.  Tactician Dave Wilson tacked the boat back and fourth but Fantasea could not pick any speed unless it was almost perpendicular to the race course.  As a result, Fantasea could not get to the finish line and when the course time expired, Fantasea was tied for 23rd place with 14 other boats.

The crew motored to Eastport for the after race shore party.  Fantasea had reservations at Port Annapolis Marina.  Unfortunately, the slip that was reserved for Fantasea was a difficult one to dock in.  Tom skippered the boat up and down the marina inside of Back Creek looking for a less difficult place to bring her into, but eventually the crew gave up looking for the perfect slip and Tom backed Fantasea into a corner slip.  With a little help from a fellow sailor on the dock, the crew secured Fantasea.  Dave Wilson had too far to drive to join the party, but the remainder of the crew walked to Bart Jabin Marina when the Shore Party was being held.  The Shore Party was held under big tent with all-you-can-eat food (including an oyster bar) and all-you-can-drink drinks.  Initially the lines were long, but after a while everyone settled down and had a great time!  Of particular note was when Anne, Mirna and Vilma took to the dance floor and showed the other sailors how to dance.  After the party, Anne and Mirna drove home, but Tom, John Vilma and Dave stayed on the boat overnight and motored home the following morning.  In the end, the Hospice Cup was a fun race and a good time.

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