I’ve been following the progress of Kay and Doug Jackson, a teacher and a techie, for the last two years. They are building an oriental 74 foot steel-hulled junk-style sailing vessel named S/V Seeker in their back yard… IN OKLAHOMA!
Firstly, by show of hands, Who knew there was a seaport in OKLAHOMA … of all places… It is true though. There is a seaport in Oklahoma called CATOOSA.

The Port of Catoosa is the second farthest inland seaport in the United States behind Duluth, Minnesota, linking Tulsa to the Arkansas River and eventually to the Gulf of Mexico. Catoosa is located along historic Route 66. but More on this later…

In essence, Doug and Kay are building a ship in their back yard, mostly by hand using ingenuity, a basic set of plans, some mad skills, a newly customized C&C machine and 3-D printer. I am absolutely “blown-away” by their enthusiasm and resolve to complete this project.

Once their build project is completed they plan to charter and explore the oceans of the world with friends and family.

Doug says,“If your interests are in exploration, discovery and adventure then what better than a boat to take you where you want to go. S/V Seeker is our 74 foot steel origami hull, junk rigged, cargo, motor sailer. Once completed she will be a part time research/charter vessel and full time home on the water.”  Further, Doug and Kay invite all to “take a tour and join them online (or in person) to share in their experience. “Take a tour of our boat and shop in Tulsa Oklahoma. And if you’d like to be a part of the adventure then I like to offer you an invitation to come and help build the boat. Feel free to contact me through the comments  [at their website http://www.SVSeeker.com ] our FaceBook page “SV Seeker” or my email: svseeker@ymail.com”

visit their website at http://www.SVSeeker.com